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MillerBiller has been through several iterations since 2000.

In the last 15 years we have supported the practice of large groups, medium groups and solo practitioners.

We are doctor focussed, having been founded by a practising anaesthetist who still works in a group of 19, so you know we will do all we can to stay up to date so you can organise your practice as easily as we need to.

Our Programming Team is based in Milan, Italy, where Giovanni Porcari has a group of dedicated IT gurus evolving our program constantly.

The collaboration has been a very productive one, as the Italian team have many years experience in commercial and medical applications and use cutting edge tools to develop in Python and Postgres for the web.

We are sustainable, with backup plans for replacing key personnel if required, and have a track record long enough to give you reassurance that we are in this business to support you for the long haul.

We also like to have fun! We believe in a positive culture and we enjoy great relationships with our clients - who are really our collaborators in making the program better so we can all get our work finished in good time and go get a glass of wine near the beach somewhere….